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Lyrics: Suspended

  Suspended motions from above, Heavens open like the sun, she fades again, Eternally like the sane mind says, I’m above the rest it’s engrained again, I Temporary darling’s her…

Money – Matt Morris Tab

  Money – Matt Morris    Tab by Jordan Bergren (This excludes the muted strums) Refer to Tune low E to F#: Verse:   F#—-0-0————————————————- A———-9-9—7-7-7-7—2-2-2-2—-4-4—4-4—- D———-7-7——–5-5——–4-4—-3-3—3-3—- G———-9-9——–7-7——–2-2—-4-4—4-4—- B———-7-7——–5-5——–3-3—-2-2—2-2—- E———————————————————-…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all! I hope this year is grand and new things are on the horizon for you. I unfortunately came down with the flu on christmas morning which, lead to some pretty miserable gigs. But, the show goes on.

I did however enjoy coming back and playing the NewBo City market in Cedar Rapids with my amazing konga player Nathan Parsons. We’ve got a lot of exciting things in store for 2014 including finally wrapping up our EP which has been far prolonged. please stay in touch and keep an ear to the ground for new advancements.

Everyone enjoy themselves this year and keep on the search for great music that inspires you!

Song For A Friend

Hey, hey everyone! I had the pleasure of writing a song for my good friend and colleague’s daughter. It was coming up on her 16th birthday so my good friend…

Hell of A Weekend!

It was a great time this weekend playing a couple great gigs! Saturday we played for a New Belgium Bike ride in North Liberty, IA. Thanks goes out to Chad Atherton for bringin us out to play. We also want to say we’re wishing him the best of luck on his new endeavor at Founders Brewery!

After a fun day on saturday we went down and played one of my favorite shows yet at Eric Sicklers new patio set up on Lake Red Rock. He’s developed a great, eclectic crowd that comes out regularly to listen to a wide range of music. We are so happy to be apart of it! Not only was it a great show with a wonderful audience we also got to enjoy an endless supply of homemade pizza (of which I’m enjoying right now).

We’ll keep everyone posted on upcoming shows, but this weekend I get to go down to Florida to see one of my longest known buddies get married. I’m so excited for them!

Till next time,

Jordan B

Rainy Weekend

Well, we’ve had a long week of great gigs! We want to thank everyone that came out to the shows this week. Our first time in Grinnell, IA went surprisingly well. Not only where the folks at Prairie Canary Restaurant and Bar kind and welcome but we also had a great act between shows. One of their employees had just graduated and was on her way out to teach english in Thailand. She performed some of her poetry work in spoken word and brought a great crowd out with her!

After several gigs in Cedar Rapids this weekend we are looking forward to a few very fun gigs this upcoming weekend. We will be plaing for a New Belgium event this saturday from 11am to 1pm at Reds public house in downtown Cedar Rapids. Right after that the boys and I will be heading to Lake Red Rocks near Des Moines to play for some great folks at Eric Sickler’s lakeside lounge. We’ve got some new music for everyone near Des Moines that we’re very excited about getting out to you guys!

Till the next time, stay in touch with us!


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