Hell of A Weekend!


It was a great time this weekend playing a couple great gigs! Saturday we played for a New Belgium Bike ride in North Liberty, IA. Thanks goes out to Chad Atherton for bringin us out to play. We also want to say we’re wishing him the best of luck on his new endeavor at Founders Brewery!

After a fun day on saturday we went down and played one of my favorite shows yet at Eric Sicklers new patio set up on Lake Red Rock. He’s developed a great,¬†eclectic crowd that comes out regularly to listen to a wide range of music. We are so happy to be apart of it! Not only was it a great show with a wonderful audience we also got to enjoy an endless supply of homemade pizza¬†(of which I’m enjoying right now).

We’ll keep everyone posted on upcoming shows, but this weekend I get to go down to Florida to see one of my longest known buddies get married. I’m so excited for them!

Till next time,

Jordan B


  1. Loved hosting you and the boys in the band on Sunday, my friend! And the rave reviews from my guests continue to roll in. Great show, great fun, and a great day thanks to you cool cats. Plan on a return engagement next summer, if not sooner. Many thanks for amazing music!

  2. We Look forward to coming back to see you guys and the progression of the patio! We’ll try to make it out to a couple other shows this summer, schedule permitting.


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