Remove Before Flight

Debut Album:
Keep in touch with me to stay up to date on what's goin' on with our debut album. Make sure to keep an ear to the ground for a free download of my new single coming soon!

Pre-Release Recordings

  • Beatboy Prelim (ver. 1)
  • Before Flight Prelim (ver. 1)
  • Please Rise Prelim (ver. 1)

Preliminary Release Recordings :
This is a set of songs that we are in the middle of working on in the studio. All have added elements I have been working on at home. Non of these are mixed yet but, I want to let you guys come along the journey of the progression of a few of the tunes off our upcoming album which will be released the summer of 2013! Find me on youtube, facebook or my website to get studio update videos!

Release Date:
The album release date is still undetermined but, will be the summer of 2013

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